SFC Co., Ltd., is a leading fine chemicals company established in 1998. In 2014, SFC Co., Ltd. launched a new brand of SFCprobes® using the proprietary assets of professor B. R. Cho’s group at Korea University.

SFCprobes® is dedicated to making a difference in the field of two-photon probe (TPP) and related imaging technologies based on more than one decade of accumulated knowledge and experience.

Backed by their deep understanding of biological phenomena as well as molecular design, SFCprobes® provides superb TPP’s, and imaging technologies developed and tailored for biological, medicinal and pharmaceutical applications.

SFCprobes® has a strong belief that TPP technology should be one of the key scientific tools to make human society healthier by significantly advancing biology and medicine.

Manufacturer Product List

You will find the right answer for your research with SFCprobes® state-of-the-art probes.
Catalogue code Description Target Key Advantages
T0001-SFC CL – Two-Photon Probe Lipid rafts / Membrane Greater sensitivity to solvent polarity and stronger TPEF emission than Laurdan.
T0002-SFC CL2 – Two-Photon Probe Lipid rafts / Membrane Direct visualisation of lipid rafts in live cells & living tissue at 100-250um using TPM.
T0003-SFC SL2 – Two-Photon Probe Lipid rafts / Membrane Preferentially locates in the plasma membrane.  Effective at lower concentration in live cells for >1 hr with minimal internalisation.
T0004-SFC Aca1-AM – Two-Photon Probe Ca2+ Detects dynamic levels of intracellular free Ca2+ ions in living cells and tissues.  No interference from other metal ions or membrane-bound probes.
T0005-SFC AZn2 – Two-Photon Probe Zn2+ Selectively detects intracellular free Zn2+ ions in live cells for >1000s.
T0006-SFC ANa1 – Two-Photon Probe Na+ Selectively detects Na+ in live cells & living tissues at 100-200um for >1 hr using TPM
T0007-SFC SSH-Mito – Two-Photon Probe H2S Ratiometric TPP for mitochondrial thiols.  Low cytotoxicity and pH insensitivity.  Visualise at 90-190um in live tissues.
T0008-SFC SSH-M2 – Two-Photon Probe Thiol Marked change in emission colour blue – yellow in response to H2S.  Low cytotoxicity.  Allows quantitative analysis of H2S levels.
T0009-SFC AL1 – Two-Photon Probe Lysosome Easily loaded into cells & tissues.  Can visualise transportation of acidic vesicles along the axon at 120um for >1100s in live tissue.
T0010-SFC SG1 – Two-Photon Probe Beta-galactosidase (β-gal) Marked blue – yellow colour change in response to β-gal.  Easy loading, insensitivity to pH and ROS, high photo-stability, low cytotoxicity.
T0011-SFC SAD1 – Two-Photon Probe Beta-amyloid Readily enters the brain through the BBB and can directly 3D monitor indicudial Aβ plaque in living mouse brain at >380um.  Minimum background emission and photo-bleaching artifacts.
T0012-SFC AG2 – Two-Photon Probe D-glucose Easily taken up by cancer cells and tissues via glucose-specific translocation.  pH independent at a wide range of physiological pH values.  Negligible cytotoxicity, high photo-stability.
T0013-SFC ANO1 – Two-Photon Probe Nitric Oxide Rapid and specific NO response, pH insensitivity.  Easily loaded into cells.  Allow real-time monitoring of NO in living tissues at 100-180um over long periods.
T0014-SFC PN1 – Two-Photon Probe Hydrogen Peroxide
Reactive Oxygen
Marked blue – green colour change in response in H2O2, good ROS selectivity, low cytotoxicity and insensitivity to pH.  Can visualise H2O2 in live cells at >90-180um.


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