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StemoniX provides products and services for drug discovery and development. We structure human iPSC-derived cells into physiologically relevant microtissues with accelerated cell maturity that mimic the native organ tissue. Predictive, accurate, and consistent, our in vitro human cell-based products enable scientists to quickly and economically conduct research with improved outcomes in a simplified workflow.

microBrain® 3D Assay Ready

Human iPSC-derived cortical spheroids pre-plated for high throughput screening and drug discovery

microBrain® 2D Assay Ready

Mature, balanced culture of human iPSC-derived cortical neurons and astrocytes pre-plated in high density screening plates

Neural Progenitor Cells

Multipotent human iPSC-derived NPCs in a cryopreserved format that can consistently generate high yields of functional cortical neurons and astrocytes

microHeart® Assay Ready

Structured human cardiomyocytes pre-plated in high density screening plates to match native human heart tissue

microHeart® Cell Ready

Novel high density screening plates that align plated cardiomyocytes into physiologically relevant structures for drug discovery and development