Established in 2007, StressMarq Biosciences Inc. is a supplier of life science products that operates out of Victoria, Canada with a small, but dedicated group of scientists.

Headed by their CEO and President Dr. Ariel Louwrier, StressMarq provides the research community with high-quality reagents backed with rigorous quality control data and expert scientific support.

With over 7,000 products, their growth can be attributed to the continual production of cutting edge research products.

Their diverse portfolio of primary antibodies, antibody conjugates, proteins, immunoassay kits and small molecules bridges across the life sciences, including products for cancer research, cardiovascular disease, cell signalling and neuroscience.

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Over 16,000 highly-validated monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies available for your immunoassay. Choose one of our 17 different labels to add a fluorophore, protein or enzyme conjugate to an antibody. Browse our selection of activity, immunoassay, and detection kits for cell signalling and cancer research. Offering a wide array of purified peptides and proteins for western blot controls and activity assays. Find your inhibitors, antagonists, agonists, activators, and ligands from our selection of over 300 compounds.


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Alpha Synuclein and Tau 

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