VeriPlex Multiplex ELISAs (replace Q-Plex™ Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Arrays)

PBL Assay Science’s VeriPlex ELISAs are fully quantitative, high throughput multiplex ELISA kits that provide simultaneous quantification and detection of up to 16 different analytes from a single sample.  PBL’s multiplex kits allow evaluation of the levels of one given inflammatory molecule in the context of several others, repeated measurements of the same cytokine panels in the same subjects under the same experimental assay conditions, and reliable detection of different proteins across a broad dynamic range of concentrations.

This kit provides unique chemiluminescent results on each analyte within a sample and allows for a global understanding of ongoing immune responses in diseases ranging from cancer to autoimmunity.

  • Customisable array of analytes including Type I, II & III IFNs, Interleukins and more
  • Simultaneous quantification of up to 16 pro- & anti-inflammatory cytokines in a single 50 µl sample
  • Provides analyte sensitivity as low as 5 pg/ml
  • Cost effective multiplex platform requires only a common CCD imager system
  • Reproducible results in autoimmune serum, plasma and tissue culture media (TCM)


VeriPlex Human Cytokine 16-Plex and Human Interferon 9-Plex ELISAs (replace Q-Plex™ Human Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Arrays)


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