Anti-Human G-CSF (4-12-2) Mouse MoAb

Catalogue Number: 10111-IBL

Manufacturer:IBL - (Immuno-Biologicals Laboratories Co Ltd)
Physical state:Lyophilized product from solution in PBS
Type:Monoclonal Primary Antibody - Unconjugated
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Storage Condition:2-8°C
Unit(s): 500 ug
Host name:
Clone: 4-12-2
Isotype: IgG1
Immunogen: Recombinant Human G-CSF


Description: G-CSF (Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor) is cytokine which accelerates differentiation and multiplication of neutrophilic precursor cell. It is reported that G-CSF is produced in such as fibroblast and endothelial cell, and that the multiplication of G-CSF is accelerated in some solid tumor which has such as leukemia and G-CSF receptor.