Anti-Mouse c-MPL/TPOR (AMM2) Rat IgG MoAb Biotin

Catalogue Number: 10403-IBL

Manufacturer:IBL - (Immuno-Biologicals Laboratories Co Ltd)
Type:Monoclonal Primary Antibody - Conjugated
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Storage Condition:2-8°C
Unit(s): 50 ug, 5 ug
Host name: Rat
Clone: AMM2
Isotype: IgG, IgG1
Immunogen: Recombinant protein of mouse c-MPL extracellular domain
Application: FC, IP, WB


Description: Thrombopoietin promotes the growth and differentiation (proliferation) of megakaryocytes which produce platelets. TPOR (Thrombopoietin receptor), which is also called c-MPL (Myeloproliferative leukemia protein) or CD110, is a receptor for thrombopoietin. And it is suggested that TPOR may also play a role in the maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells, which are stem cells located within the bone marrow that have the potential to develop into red blood cells, white blood cells, megakaryocytes and platelets. This receptor is activated when thrombopoietin protein binds to it, and the activated receptor stimulates a signaling pathway called the JAK/STAT pathway, which transmits signals from outside the cell to the cell's nucleus and is important for controlling the production of blood cells. This antibody specifically reacts with mouse c-MPL/TPOR protein. This product is a biotinylated antibody.


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