AFDye 594 NHS Ester

Catalogue Number: 1101-FLP

Shelf Life:36 months
Physical state:solid
Type:Fluorescent Reagents
Alias:Alexa Fluor 594 NHS Ester
Shipping Condition:RT
Unit(s): 1 mg, 25 mg, 5 mg


Description: AFDye™ 594 NHS Ester (Alexa Fluor 594 NHS Ester) is the most popular tool for modifying proteins or antibodies through the primary amines (Lys), amine-modified oligonucleotides, and other amine-containing biomolecules with AFDye™ 594 label. The labeling occurs most efficiently at pH 7-9 and forms a stable, covalent amide bond. AFDye™ 594 dye can be used for proteins labeling at high molar ratios without significant self-quenching, enabling brighter conjugates and more sensitive detection.

Additional Text

Short Description

A red-fluorescent, water-soluble label used for labeling amine-containing molecules with red-fluorescent AFDye 594 label.


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