Chrome Steel Beads, 3.2mm

Catalogue Number: 11079132C-BSP

Type:Homogenisation Beads
Shipping Condition:RT
Unit(s): 1 lb


Description: Chrome steel has a density of 7.9g/cc (used mostly for grinding leaves). Beads are sold in one pound bottles. Cat. No. 11079113c         1.3mm dia

Cat. No. 11079123c         2.3mm dia
Cat. No. 11079132c         3.2mm dia
Cat. No. 11079635c         6.35mm dia
  • Listed bead sizes are median (average) values.  Because beads are sorted by sieves, bead size varies between +/-10% of a listed value.
  • ​With either stainless steel or chrome steel beads, common polypropylene microvials will break if 'dry' grinding or cryo-grinding is attempted in our MiniBeadbeaters.  In this case, our 2 ml stainless steel microvials with silicone rubber caps or our 2 ml XXTuff polypropylene screw cap microvials are recommended.