BIM (Bcl2-interacting Mediator of Cell Death, BimEL, BimL, BIM-alpha6, BIM-beta6, BIM-beta7, BAM, BCL2-like 11 Apoptosis Facilitator, Bcl-2-like Protein 11, BCL2L11, Bcl2-L-11, BOD) (MaxLight 650)

Catalogue Number: 123934-ML650-USB

Manufacturer:United States Biological
Physical state:Supplied as a liquid in PBS, pH 7.2. No preservative added. Labeled with MaxLightâ„¢650.
Type:Monoclonal Primary Antibody - Conjugated
Alias:BAM|bcl-2 interacting mediator of cell death|bcl-2 interacting protein Bim|BCL2-like 11 (apoptosis facilitator)|bcl-2-like protein 11|bcl-2-related ovarian death agonist|BIM|BOD
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Unit(s): 100 ul
Host name: Mouse
Clone: 2F10
Isotype: IgG1, kappa
Immunogen: Partial recombinant protein corresponding to aa1-100 from human BIM with GST tag. MW of the GST tag alone is 26kD.

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Affinity Purified


Recognizes human BIM.