Mononucleosomes (H2AX), Human Recombinant Biotinylated

Catalogue Number: 16-0013-EPC

Shelf Life:6 months
Type:DNA Binding Proteins
Shipping Condition:Dry Ice
Unit(s): 50 ug


Description: Mononucleosomes assembled from recombinant human histones expressed in E. coli (two each of histones H2AX, H2B, H3 and H4. Accession numbers: H2AX-P16104; H2B-O60814; H3.1-P68431; H4-P62805) wrapped by 147 base pairs of 601 positioning sequence DNA with a 5' biotin-TEG group. The nucleosome is the basic subunit of chromatin. H2AX is a variant of histone H2A that is phosphorylated on serine 139 by the ATM and ATR kinases in response to DNA double strand breakage. Phosphorylation of H2AX serves to recruit a number of DNA damage repair proteins, such as BRCA1 and NBS1.

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Application Notes

Mononucleosomes (H2AX), Human Recombinant Biotinylated are highly purified and are suitable for use as substrates in enzyme screening assays or for nucleosome binding experiments. The absence of post-translational histone modifications makes them ideal for conducting enzyme activity and screening assays. EpiCypher Mononucleosomes (H2AX), Human Recombinant Biotinylated do not contain free DNA which could alter assayed activities.