mFluor™ Red 780-streptavidin conjugate

Catalogue Number: 16948-AAT

Manufacturer:AAT Bioquest
Shelf Life:12 months
Type:Avidin/Streptavidin Biotin Products
Shipping Condition:RT
Unit(s): 100 ug


Description: Streptavidin conjugates are widely used together with a conjugate of biotin for specific detection of a variety of proteins, protein motifs, nucleic acids and other molecules since streptavidin has a very high binding affinity for biotin. This mFluor™ Red 780-streptavidin conjugate comprises streptavidin (as the biotin-binding protein) with mFluor™ Red 780 covalently attached (as the fluorescent label). It is commonly used as a second step reagent for indirect immunofluorescent staining, when used in conjunction with biotinylated primary antibodies. It is a very valuable tool for biotin-streptavidin-based biological assays and tests using a flow cytometer equiped with a 633 nm excitation (e.g., the Red Laser). A variety of the complementary biotinylated reagents are available from numerous commercial vendors.

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