SNAP-ChIP® K-MetStat H4K20 MiniPanel Primer Set

Catalogue Number: 18-6106-EPC

Shelf Life:24 months
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Unit(s): 100 reactions


Description: The SNAP-ChIP K-MetStat H4K20 MiniPanel Primer Set contains a universal forward primer pre-mixed with reverse primers that uniquely amplify DNA-barcoded nucleosomes in the SNAP-ChIP K-MetStat Panel (Catalog No. 19-1001), consisting of unmodified H4, H4K20me1, H4K20me2, and H4K20me3. These primers can be used in SNAP-ChIP experiments where quantitative PCR (qPCR) provides an assessment of antibody performance and technical variability. The primers are compatible with SYBR chemistry. For TaqMan applications, the universal SNAP-ChIP Dual Label Hydrolysis Probe can be purchased separately (Catalog No. 18-6001). The volume is sufficient to perform 100 x 10 µL qPCR reactions (see SNAP-ChIP manual).

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Application Notes

For use in SNAP-ChIP-qPCR. Compatible with the SNAP-ChIP K-MetStat Panel (Catalog No. 19-1001) and the SNAP-ChIP Dual Label Hydrolysis Probe (Catalog No. 18-6001). DNA Sequence: SNAP-ChIP K-MetStat Forward Primer 5'-CGTATCGCGCGCATAATA-3' Unmodifed Reverse Primer 5'-CGCGTAACGACGTACC-3' H4K20me1 Reverse Primer 5'-CGCGAACTATCGTCGATTC-3' H4K20me2 Reverse Primer 5'-CGATACGCCGATCGATC-3' H4K20me3 Reverse Primer 5'-CGATTCGACGGTCGC-3'


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