Cell Navigator™ F-Actin Labeling Kit *Blue Fluorescence*

Catalogue Number: 22660-AAT

Manufacturer:AAT Bioquest
Shelf Life:6 months
Type:Labelling/Staining Kit
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Unit(s): 500 Tests


Description: Our Cell Navigator™ fluorescence imaging kits are a set of fluorescence imaging tools for labeling sub-cellular organelles such as membranes, lysosomes, mitochondria and nuclei etc. The selective labeling of live cell compartments provides a powerful method for studying cellular events in a spatial and temporal context. This particular kit is designed to label F-actins of fixed cells in blue fluorescence. The kit uses a blue fluorescent phalloidin conjugate that is selectively bound to F-actins. This blue fluorescent phalloidin conjugate is a high-affinity probe for F-actins. Used at nanomolar concentrations, phallotoxins are convenient probes for labeling, identifying and quantitating F-actins in formaldehyde-fixed and permeabilized tissue sections, cell cultures or cell-free experiments. The labeling protocol is robust, requiring minimal hands-on time. The kit provides all the essential components with an optimized staining protocol.


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