Alexa Fluor® 647-conjugated AffiniPure VHH Fragment Alpaca Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L) (min X Bov, Hu, Rb Sr Prot)

Catalogue Number: 615-604-214-JIR

Manufacturer:Jackson ImmunoResearch
Preservative:0.05% Sodium azide
Physical state:Freeze-dried solid
Type:VHH Nanobodies
Shipping Condition:RT
Unit(s): 0.1 mg
Host name: Alpaca
Immunogen: IgG (H+L)


Description: Nano Secondaries are polyclonal VHH Fragment antibodies (Nanobodies) produced in alpacas. 10x smaller than conventional whole IgG antibodies, the

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Antibody Clonality


Application Notes

1:200 - 1:800 for most applications Dilution factors are presented in the form of a range because the optimal dilution is a function of many factors, such as antigen density, permeability, etc. The actual dilution used must be determined empirically.

Storage Note

Storage and Rehydration: Store freeze-dried solid at 2-8°C. Rehydrate with the indicated volume of dH2O (see product specification sheet) and centrifuge if not clear. Prepare working dilution on day of use. Product is stable for about 6 weeks at 2-8°C as an undiluted liquid. Extended Storage after Rehydration: Aliquot and freeze at -70°C or below. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Alternatively, add an equal volume of glycerol (ACS grade or better) for a final concentration of 50%, and store at -20°C as a liquid. Expiration date: one year from date of rehydration. The expiration date may be extended if test results are acceptable for the intended use.