Recombinant Human ACE2

Catalogue Number: BS-46002P-BSS

Manufacturer:Bioss Inc
Molecular Weight:The protein has a predicted MW of 111.2kDa. Due to glycosylation, the protein migrates to 115-125kDa based on Bis-Tris PAGE result.
Type:Other Recombinant Protein
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Storage Condition:-20°C/-70°C
Unit(s): 100 ug
Application: ELISA, WB, HPLC


Description: "ACE2 (Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme 2) is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with ACE2 include Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and Neurogenic Hypertension.The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the angiotensin-converting enzyme family of dipeptidyl carboxydipeptidases and has considerable homology to human angiotensin 1 converting enzyme. This secreted protein catalyzes the cleavage of angiotensin I into angiotensin 1-9, and angiotensin II into the vasodilator angiotensin 1-7. "

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