Recombinant SARS Spike RBD

Catalogue Number: BS-46008P-BSS

Manufacturer:Bioss Inc
Molecular Weight:The protein has a predicted MW of 27.9 kDa. Due to glycosylation, the protein migrates to 36-46kDa based on Bis-Tris PAGE result.
Type:Other Recombinant Protein
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Storage Condition:-20°C/-70°C
Unit(s): 100 ug
Application: ELISA, WB, HPLC


Description: The spike protein (S) of coronavirus (CoV) attaches the virus to its cellular receptor, angiotensinconverting enzyme 2 (ACE2). A defined receptor-binding domain (RBD) on S mediates this interaction.The S protein plays key parts in the induction of neutralizing-antibody and T-cell responses, as well as protective immunity.

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