2019-nCoV Neutralization ELISA Kit

Catalogue Number: C19SD-N887-SGC

Type:ELISA Kit
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Unit(s): 1 kit
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Application: ELISA


Description: The 2019-nCoV Neutralization ELISA Kit is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of antibodies or other proteins (molecular) that can block the binding of SARS-CoV-2 S1 protein and human ACE2 in serum or other biological samples. Based on indirect ELISA principles, the 2019- nCoV Neutralization ELISA employs recombinant human ACE2 protein coated on a 96-well plate. Controls and samples (with necessary dilution) are mixed with 2019-nCOV S1 protein RBD-HRP and then pipetted into the wells; the target neutralizing antibodies or proteins in the controls and samples will partially or completely block binding of the S1 protein RBD-HRP to the immobilized ACE2 protein. After washing away the unbound 2019-nCOV S1 protein RBD-HRP, a colorimetric substrate solution (TMB) is pipetted to the wells. The absorbance of the color at 450 nm is measured. The intensity of color development in the wells is proportional to the amount of target protein bound.‚Äč