Catalogue Number: CLK-076-JEN

Manufacturer:Jena Bioscience
Shelf Life:12 months
Molecular Weight:591.32 g/mol
Molecular Formula:C15H23N5O16P2
Physical state:solid
Type:Conjugation Reagent
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Unit(s): 0.5 mg
Application: Cnjg

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water, aqueous buffer such as PBS

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Application Notes

Glycosylation of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) with T4 β-Glycosyltransferase (T4 β-GT)[1-3] The resulting azide-functionalized, glycosylated 5-hmC moiety can subsequently be detected via Cu(I)-free click chemistry that offers the choice to introduce a (Desthio)Biotin group for subsequent purification tasks (via DBCO-containing (Desthio)Biotin)to introduce fluorescent group for subsequent microscopic imaging (via DBCO-containing fluorescent dyes) 0.5 mg UDP-6-azide-glucose are sufficient to prepare 283 µl of a 3 mM solution.

Short Description

Sodium salt UDP-6-N3-Glc, 6-N3-UDPG