Recombinant Human H(+)/Cl(-) exchange transporter 3(CLCN3)

Catalogue Number: CSB-CF005482HU(A4)-CSB

Manufacturer:Cusabio Biotech
Shelf Life:6 months
Molecular Weight:93.2 kDa
Physical state:Liquid or Lyophilized powder
Type:Fusion Protein
Alias:Chloride channel protein 3 Chloride transporter ClC-3
Host Cell:E.coli
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Unit(s): 100 ug, 20 ug


Description: Mediates the exchange of chloride ions against protons. Functions as antiporter and contributes to the acidification of the endosome and synaptic vesicle lumen, and may thereby affect vesicle trafficking and exocytosis. May play an important role in neuronal cell function through regulation of membrane excitability by protein kinase C. It could help neuronal cells to establish short-term memory. Miscellaneous The CLC channel family contains both chloride channels and proton-coupled anion transporters that exchange chloride or another anion for protons. The presence of conserved gating glutamate residues is typical for family members that function as antiporters (By similarity).

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