S Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody

Catalogue Number: CSB-RA33245A0GMY-CSB

Manufacturer:Cusabio Biotech
Preservative:0.03% ProClin™ 300
Physical state:Liquid
Type:Recombinant Monoclonal
Alias:S, S1, S1-RBD, Spike glycoprotein
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Unit(s): 50 ul
Host name:
Clone: H6
Isotype: IgG1, kappa
Immunogen: Recombinant Human Novel Coronavirus Spike glycoprotein (S) (16-685aa) (CSB-MP3324GMY)
Application: ELISA, GIcA


Description: Recombinant anti-SARS-CoV-2 spike is expressed from 293 cells (HEK293) ,It is a chimeric monoclonal antibody combining the mouse variable regions with the constant domains of human IgG1.

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Recombinant Monoclonal

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