HyperScribe™ T7 High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit

Catalogue Number: K1047-APE

Type:mRNA Synthesis kit
Shipping Condition:Dry Ice
Unit(s): 100 reactions, 25 reactions, 50 reactions


Description: HyperScribe™ T7 High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit performs in vitro RNA transcription experiment in a relatively short time using T7 RNA polymerase. The kit is designed for high yields of RNA transcripts, highly specific radiolabeled RNA probes and to obtain capped, dye-labeled or biotinylated RNA incorporated modified nucleotides.RNA synthesized using this kit covers a wide range of applications, such as in vitro translation, antisense RNA and RNAi experiments, RNA vaccines, RNA structure and function studies, ribozyme biochemistry, RNase protein experiments and probe-based hybridization blots.The kit contains sufficient reagents to carry out 25/50/100 reactions, 20 µl each time. Up to 180 µg of RNA can be generated with 1 µg of control template per standard reaction. Each 25/50/100 reactions kit can produce up to 4.5 mg/9 mg/18 mg RNA.Figure 1: Transcription using T7 RNA PolymeraseFigure 2: PCR primer design for T7 RNA Polymerase template

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Short Description

For high-efficiency in vitro transcription

Storage Note

Store all the kit components at -20°C.


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