HotStart™ 2X Green qPCR Master Mix

Catalogue Number: K1070-APE

Type:qPCR Mixes
Shipping Condition:Dry Ice
Unit(s): 25 ml, 5 ml, 50 ml
Application: RT-PCR


Description: Quantitative PCR (qPCR, also called Real-time PCR), is a popular technology for precise analysis of gene expression. It can be classified into two categories according to different methods, dye-based and probe-based, in which, dye-based method is more popular, convenient and less costly. Dye-based qPCR monitors real-time fluorescence of the dye binding to the double-stranded DNA to measure DNA amplification indirectly during each cycle. At a point where the fluorescence signal is distinctly detected over the background, Ct value (Cq value) can be determined. The obtained Ct values can be used to evaluate relative target abundance, or calculate absolute target quantities in reference to an appropriate standard curve.Our product 2X SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix provides superior specificity, robust amplification efficiency, ideal reproducibility and stability in quantifying target DNA or cDNA. It's a 2X PreMix, taking advantage of a hot-start Taq polymerase combined with the antibody. Ideal Taq polymerase and suitable buffer will guarantee preferable specificity and high amplification speed. SYBR Green I in the mix which is a DNA intercalator will emit fluorescence when bounds to the double-stranded DNA amplified in each cycle and monitoring the fluorescence by the instrument allows for the indirect quantification of amplification products at real time.This reagent is supplied together with two ROX Reference Dye of different concentration which should be used to normalize the fluorescent signal intensity between reactions for instruments with the corresponding requirements. When conducting the experiment, use the SYBR® or SYBR/FAM scan mode setting on the real-time instrument.

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Storage Note

Store all components at -20°C and protect from light. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles as possible.


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