NZYMutagenesis kit

Catalogue Number: MB01201-NZY

Type:Mutagenesis Kits
Shipping Condition:Dry Ice
Storage Condition:-70°C
Unit(s): 10 mutations
Application: PCR, Cln


Description: NZYMutagenesis kit is designed to make point mutations and delete or insert single or multiple nucleotides in a DNA sequence. The system requires the provision of two synthetic oligonucleotide primers containing the desired mutation. Incorporation of the oligonucleotide primers with NZYProof DNA polymerase generates a mutated plasmid containing staggered nicks, which resists Dpn Idigestion (as the synthetic DNA is not methylated). The resulting mutated plasmid is recovered through transformation of NZYStar competent cells. For a schematic presentation of the mutagenesis protocol, see Figure 1. DNA isolated from dam- Escherichia coli strains, including JM101 and SCS110, is not a suitable template forthe mutagenesis reaction.

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Short Description

NZYMutagenesis kit provides a simple and highly efficient method to generate point mutations and delete or insert single (or multiple) nucleotides in any type of plasmid DNA using PCR.