Agarose (ultrapure grade) 500gr

Catalogue Number: MB05202-NZY

Shipping Condition:RT
Storage Condition:RT
Unit(s): 500 g
Application: Elctrphs


Description: Specifications: -Molecular Biology grade -Gel strength (1%): ≥1200 g/cm2 -Gel strength (1.5%): ≥2500 g/cm2 -Gelling temperature (1.5%): 36 +/-1.5 °C -Sulphate: ≤0.1% -EEO: 0.05-0.13 -CAS number: 9012-36-6

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Short Description

NZYTech's ultrapure grade agarose is a standard gelling/melting temperature agarose with high gel strength. This agarose is tested to ensure that preparative electrophoresis can be performed and nucleic acids recovered without damaging its properties and structure.