NZYSpeedy Miniprep

Catalogue Number: MB21003-NZY

Type:DNA Purification Kits
Shipping Condition:RT
Storage Condition:RT
Unit(s): 5 x 200 columns
Application: AP


Description: NZYSpeedy Miniprep kit is designed for the ultra-rapid, small-scale preparation of highly pure plasmid DNA from recombinant Escherichia colistrains. NZYTech's speedy miniprep procedure is based on the alkaline lysis of bacterial cells followed by adsorption of DNA onto a new specially treated silica membrane in the presence of high salt. The plasmid DNA is selectively adsorbed in the silica gel-based NZYTech plasmid spin column and other impurities such as proteins, salts, nucleotides and oligos (<40-mer) are washed away. The eluted DNA is suitable for applications like automated fluorescent sequencing, PCR and a wide range of other enzymatic manipulations. NZYSpeedy Miniprep kit includes a newly developed washing buffer (AS) which ensures complete removal of contaminants in a rapid washing step.

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Short Description

NZYSpeedy Miniprep kit is designed for the ultra-rapid preparation of highly pure plasmid DNA from E. coli strains.


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