TBE (Tris-Borate-EDTA) Buffer 10x, pH 8.3 (liquid)

Catalogue Number: MB27701-NZY

Type:Biological Buffers
Shipping Condition:RT
Storage Condition:RT
Unit(s): 1000 ml
Application: PCR, Elctrphs


Description: Specifications: -Tris 0.9 M 108 g/L -Boric acid 0.9 M 55 g/L -Na2EDTA 0.02 M 43.5 g/L Directions for use: Dilute 100 mL of TBE Buffer, 10x stock solution into 900 mL deionised water to make 1 litre of TBE Buffer. Final concentration is 89 mM Tris base, 89 mM Borate and 2 mM Na2EDTA. On dilution to 1X the user should check pH and adjust as required.

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Short Description

In molecular biology, TBE and TAE buffers are used for agarose and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. TBE (Tris-Borate-Acetate) buffer is suitable when analysing DNA fragments from PCR amplification, DNA isolation protocols, or DNA cloning experiments.