Speedy NZYTaq DNA Polymerase

Catalogue Number: MB40301-NZY

Type:DNA Polymerases
Shipping Condition:RT
Storage Condition:-70°C
Unit(s): 125 units
Application: PCR


Description: Speedy NZYTaq DNA polymerase belongs to a new generation of DNA polymerases displaying a faster polymerization rate than any other conventional non-proofreading enzyme. Speedy NZYTaq DNA polymerase is useful for fast, routine DNA amplifications or genotyping. Only 5 seconds are required for the successful synthesis of a 1 kb size DNA fragment. The enzyme retains its speed (5 sec/kb) when amplifying fragments up to around 2-3 kb. Successful amplification of higher DNA fragments up to 6 kb in size can be reached using a 10 sec/kb extension step. Faster PCR can be further achieved by increasing the primers melting temperature, which increases PCR annealing temperature, thus allowing combining the annealing and extension PCR steps (see below). Speedy NZYTaq DNA polymerase is supplied with an optimized 10x Reaction Buffer and a 50 mM MgCl2 solution. The enzyme lacks 3' to 5' exonuclease activity and supports robust and reliable reactions while tolerating a wide range of templates. PCR products generated by Speedy NZYTaq DNA polymerase have an A-overhang and are suitable for cloning with NZYTech's TA PCR cloning kits (MB053 or MB137).

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Short Description

Speedy NZYTaq DNA polymerase is an ultrapure recombinant DNA polymerase displaying a faster polymerization reaction than any other conventional non-proofreading enzyme.