NZYSupreme qPCR Probe Master Mix (2x)

Catalogue Number: MB41603-NZY

Type:qPCR Mixes
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Storage Condition:-70°C
Unit(s): 20 x 1 ml
Application: RT-PCR, qPCR


Description: NZYSupreme qPCR Probe Master Mix (2x) is an optimized and highly efficient reaction mixture developed for real-time PCR. This master mix was engineered with a dual hot-start enzyme control mechanism to provide the highest detection sensitivity. In addition, the latest developments in PCR enhancers have been incorporated in the NZYSupreme qPCR Probe Master Mix, including buffer chemistry and incorporation of highly robust engineered enzymes. This master mix does not contain ROX and it was specifically developed for probe-detection technology, including molecular beacons. For qPCR instruments that require this reference dye, we indicate a concentration range for your assay according to the table shown in the section "ROX reference dye" (ROX not provided). NZYSupreme qPCR Probe Master Mix (2x) is provided as a simple-to-use, stabilized 2x reaction mixture that includes all components for quantitative PCR, except sample DNA, primers, probe and water.

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NZYSupreme qPCR Probe Master Mix (2x) is a high-performing, easy-to-use mixture for real-time PCR, specifically for probe-detection technology. It features a dual hot-start polymerase control for maximum sensitivity.