NZY Tris-Glycine Precast Gel (4-15%, 12 wells)

Catalogue Number: MB46601-NZY

Type:Western Blotting Reagents
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Storage Condition:2-8°C
Unit(s): 10 gels
Application: Elctrphs


Description: NZY Tris-Glycine Precast Gel is a high-performance and user-friendly precast acrylamide gel designed for electrophoresis in Tris-Glycine buffer system. With its optimized formula, NZY Tris-Glycine Precast Gel exhibits better resolution, enhanced speed and an extended shelf-life compared to conventional Laemmli Tris-HCl gels, while being compatible to. traditional SDS-PAGE and subsequent analyses. The NZY Tris-Glycine Precast Gels are available in a 4 to 15% gradient concentration, offering excellent separation capabilities. Precast gels come in a convenient 12-well format, making them ideal for various electrophoresis applications. These gels are offered in a Mini cassette size (10 x 8.3 cm) and are compatible with most popular protein electrophoresis systems such as Bio-Rad®.

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NZY Tris-Glycine Precast Gel 4-15% gradient: High-performance acrylamide electrophoresis in Tris-Glycine buffer. Enhanced resolution, speed, and shelf-life compared to Laemmli gels. Compatible with Bio-Rad® systems.