Direct One-Step RT-qPCR ProbesKit

Catalogue Number: PCR-518S-JEN

Manufacturer:Jena Bioscience
Shelf Life:12 months
Physical state:Liquid
Type:qPCR Kits
Shipping Condition:Blue Ice
Unit(s): 100 reactions x 50 ul


Description: Direct One-Step RT-qPCR ProbesKit is designed for quantitative real-time analysis of target RNA directly from whole blood, swabs and animal- or plant tissue without the requirement of any prior RNA purification steps. The kit is recommended for use with Dual Labeled Fluorescent Probes, e.g. TaqMan®, Molecular Beacons or FRET probes but can also be used without fluorescent probes in standard PCR assays. The kit contains an enzyme mixture including a genetically engineered reverse transcriptase and an antibody-inhibited Taq polymerase. The 2x conc. reaction mix contains ultrapure dNTPs and an unique buffer system optimized to resist various PCR inhibitors in unpurified sample material. The kit ensures fast and easy preparation with a minimum of pipetting steps and is highly recommended for: direct detection of RNA viral patogens in various tissuesdirect amplification of target RNA from sample materialspoint-of-care diagnosis

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Additional Storage Information

avoid freeze/thaw cycles. stable at 4 °C for up to 4 weeks

Short Description

One-Step RT-PCR Kit for highly sensitive and specific amplification directly from blood or cell material


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