MagBeads Swabs DNA Preparation Kit

Catalogue Number: PP-226S-JEN

Manufacturer:Jena Bioscience
Shelf Life:12 months
Type:DNA Isolation Kits
Shipping Condition:RT
Storage Condition:RT
Unit(s): 50 preparations


Description: MagBeads Swabs DNA Preparation Kit is developed for easy, efficient and fast isolation of DNA from epithelial swabs and scrapings. The isolated DNA is suitable for PCR or other molecular biology applications like labeling, cloning or sequencing. The kit contains all necessary reagents in one box. The isolation procedure can be easily adapted for isolation of smaller or larger amounts of DNA. The principle of the method is based on a reversible adsorption of DNA on magnetic particles coated with a special SiO2 surface. A schematic isolation procedure is shown on Figure 1. The sample cells are lysed and the containing DNA is bound to magnetic particles. After a repeated washing cycle the purified DNA is eluted from the magnetic particles. Caution of Strong Magnetic Field Magnetic fields can cause damage to magnetic storage media including credit cards, magnetic data tapes and computer hard drives. Strong magnetic fields can cause implanted heart pacemakers and cardioverter defibrillators to cease operation. Keep any electronic devices at least 1 Meter away from the magnets or magnetic racks. Interaction with metallic objects may produce pinch hazards.

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Magnetic bead based DNA purification from swabs and scrapings


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