MagRack 40

Catalogue Number: PP-231-JEN

Manufacturer:Jena Bioscience
Shipping Condition:RT
Storage Condition:RT
Unit(s): 1 pc.


Description: MagRacks are designed to optimize DNA/RNA/protein preparations with magnetic micro- and nanoparticles (magnetic beads) in standard 1.5 or 2.0 ml tubes. Using MagRacks allows fast and simple isolation procedures from various biological materials. In general, magnetic beads significantly increase the speed of isolation procedure compared to classical solution- or membrane-based methods. Avoiding all centrifugation steps and replacing them by magnetic separation is the key point to process optimization and automatization of DNA/RNA isolation procedures. Magnetic racks provide fast and reliable separation of particles from a liquid phase. The particles are safely collected on the tube wall without centrifugation. In contrast, particles of nonmagnetic sorbents often separate from a pellet causing loss of isolated substances.

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Magnetic Rack for DNA/RNA separation with magnetic beads