EZ Cap™ mCherry mRNA (5mCTP, ψUTP)

Catalogue Number: R1017-APE

Shipping Condition:Dry Ice
Storage Condition:-70°C
Unit(s): 1 mg, 100 ug, 5 x 1 mg


Description: mCherry mRNA encodes the red fluorescent protein, mCherry, which is derived from DsRed, a protein found in Discosoma sea anemones. mCherry is a monomeric fluorophore with a peak absorption at 587 nm and emission at 610 nm. It is stable and resistant to photobleaching. This mRNA is capped using a co-transcriptional capping method, which results in the naturally occuring Cap 1 structure with high capping efficiency. It is polyadenylated, modified with 5mCTP/ψUTP and optimized for mammalian systems. The addition of 5mCTP/ψUTP and poly(A) tail can reduce host cell immune response and enhance mRNA stability. It mimics a fully processed mature mRNA.

Additional Text

Short Description

mCherry mRNA with Cap 1 structure, modified by 5mCTP/ψUTP, providing higher transcription efficiency and suppressing RNA-mediated innate immune activation.

Storage Note

-40°C or below


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