Salimetrics Webinar

Integrating Salivary Bioscience
into Behavioural, Developmental & Health Science Research

28th July 2022


Presented By:
Kelly Henning, Testing Project Manager
Marci Rufenacht, Technical Representative

The Biology of Salivary Biosciences

  • How biology contributes to better data

Collection Techniques, Participant Compliance, and How it Affects Your Data

  • How to achieve the best possible participant compliance
  • Maintaining sample integrity through collection, storage, and lab processing
  • Hands-on saliva collection practice

Choosing The Right Biomarkers / Analytes for Your Study

  • Stress, Sleep, Inflammation, Obesity, Fertility and Reproductive Development

Common Study Sampling Designs for:

  • Cortisol, Alpha-Amylase, Melatonin and Other Analytes

Q&A and One-On-One Discussions

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