Saliva Collection Instructions


Collection method: Passive drool, Salimetrics Swab
Container: cryovials, 2mL or SCS/SIS/SOS and SST
Required saliva volume: 0.5 – 1.0 mL


1. The period starting 1h before sampling until the last sample is taken is further called the “sampling period”.

2. Environmental lighting needs to be maintained at < 8 lux throughout the sampling period. In the home environment subjects should be instructed to keep light levels as low as possible, not to sit near a lamp, not closer than 6 ft in front of the TV and to close the curtains. Light levels and the intensity/contrast of computer screens should be decreased as much as possible, so that reading is just possible.

3. Subjects are required to minimize their movement during the sampling period.

4. During the 10 min before each sample is taken, subjects are required to remain in their designated, controlled posture position. For example, subjects may be in a sitting position during waking hours and in a recumbent position when they are sleeping.

5. Subjects should refrain from eating during the sampling period as much as possible and at least finish their meal or snack 30 min prior to the collection time. Eating bananas and chocolate on the collection day should be avoided.

6. During the sampling period, subjects are allowed to drink beverages without artificial colorants, and without caffeine, only when finishing it 30 min prior to the collection time. Drinking coffee, cola and alcohol is prohibited throughout the sampling period. Drinking water is allowed until 10 min before collection of each sample.

7. Subjects should rinse their mouth with water 10 min prior to collection of each sample, EXCEPT samples taken in the morning upon awakening. No toothbrushing with toothpaste is allowed during the sampling period.

8. Subjects should not stimulate saliva flow e.g. by chewing gum.

9. Collect saliva using the passive drool technique or Salimetrics Oral Swabs. Salivettes or cotton swabs should not be used. All other collection methods are NOT acceptable and will cause interference.

10. Samples should be frozen as soon as possible but may be stored for up to 4 days at 2-8o C

11. The use of Aspirin or aspirin and ibuprofen containing drugs (Algifor, Brufen, Dismenol, Dolocyl, Ecoprofen) are to be avoided on the collection day.


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