Biomarkers & Key Proteins

The presense or altered level of a specific molecule or biomarker can help to confirm a particular disease state. The ability to detect and quantifiably compare levels of disease markers can yield great insight for the study of diseases and the development of treatments.

Signosis provides a variety of ELISA kits to detect biomarkers for autoimmune, cardiac, and tumor diseases. With the tools, certain diseases can be detected more efficiently.

Autoimmune ELISA Kits: Each kit contains all of the materials needed to measure autoimmune antibodies present in serum for up to 96 samples.  Kits available for Human and Mouse.

Tumor Marker ELISA Kits: Various tumor markers, including tumor-specific carbohydrates, glycoproteins, and proteases, can be monitored in up to 96 samples.

Cardiac Marker ELISA Kits: Each kit can monitor a specific cardiac injury marker in up to 96 samples.

Beta Actin ELISA Kit: b-actin sandwich ELISA assay can specifically detect the endogenous levels of beta-actin.  These kits can be used as an internal control for experimental error.



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