Cytokines and Hormones

Cytokines and growth factors are signaling molecules that have critical roles in many biological processes such as cellular growth, differentiation, gene expression, migration, immunity and inflammation. Disruption in these signals can lead to a variety of diseases, including arthritis, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, cardiac-related diseases, and cancers.

Signosis provides a number of tools to profile one specific cytokine or growth factor, or to monitor multiple simultaneously.

Cytokine ELISA Plate Arrays: The Chemiluminescence or Colorimetric based ELISA Array can help you to monitor up to 31 cytokines at one time.

Cytokine ELISA Strips: Each kit contains 12 strips that can simultaneously monitor 8 cytokines or growth factors. Kits available for Human, Mouse, Rat

Cytokine/Growth Factor ELISA Kits:  Each kit can monitor a specific cytokine or growth factor in up to 96 samples. Kits available for Human, Mouse, Rat

Beta Actin ELISA Kits: b-actin sandwich ELISA assay can specifically detect the endogenous levels of beta-actin.



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