Transcription Factor Assays

Transcription factors (TFs) are DNA binding proteins that play essential roles in regulating gene expression. They act as a sensor to monitor changes of cells and convert the signals into changes of gene expression. Often, a specific cellular signal pathway can activate multiple TFs and the expression of a specific gene is under the control of multiple TFs.

Signosis provides a variety of tools to meet a variety of needs and facilitate the analysis of transcription factors. The TF Activation Profiling Plate Arrays, Transcriptional Interation TF Plate Arrays, and Promoter-Binding TF Profiling Array are for the analysis of multiple TFs, and TF Filter Plate Assays, EMSA Kits, Luciferase Reporter Vectors and Vector Sets, Luciferase Stable Cell Lines, TF ELISA, and TF Western Blot Detection Assay Kits can monitor individual TFs.

TF Activation Profiling Plate Arrays: Profile the activation of up to 96 TFs at one time.

Transcriptional Interaction TF Plate Arrays: Monitor TF/TF or TF/co-regulator interactions among 48 different TFs simultaneously in relation to one TF or co-regulator of interest.

Promoter-Binding TF Profiling Array: Determine whether 48 TFs bind to a promoter or not.

TF Filter Plate Assays: This “EMSA on a plate” assay allows you to monitor the activation of a TF in vitro in up to 96 samples at one time.

EMSA Kits: 100+ non-radioactive EMSA Kits are available. The probes are pre-labeled with biotin, and all reagents are included in the kits.

TF Luciferase Reporter Vectors: Measure TF activation in cells. 100+ vectors are available. We also provide custom service to create a vector for any unlisted TFs.

TF Luciferase Vectors Sets: Vector sets containing 7 TF Luciferase Reporter Vectors are available.  These sets are related to critical processes such as oxidative stress, apoptosis, and inflammation.

TF ELISA: Quantatively compare TF expression with highly specific TF ELISA Kits.

TF Western Blot Detection Kits: Preoptimized Western Blot Detection kits include everything needed to probe and detect your Western Blot, including Primary and Secondary antibodies.

TF Antibodies: These highly specific antibodies are well suited for western blots and immunoprecipitation.  They can be used with our Transcriptional Interaction TF plate arrays or our TF Western Blot Detection Kits.

Nuclear Extraction Kits: Effective preparation of nuclear extracts, which is often need for studying transcription factors.  Nuclear Extraction Kits can be used with our EMSA kits and plate assays.



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