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01/01/2021 – 31/05/2021

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1000+ Cytokines & Receptors 50% Off

By Families: 300+ Interleukins, 200+ Growth Factors, 100+ TNF, 100+ Chemokines, 60+ Interferon…
By Species: Human, Mouse, Cynomolgus, Rhesus, Dog, Marmosets, Rabbit, Pig, Zebra Fish, Cat, …
By Targets: VEGF, TNFa, HGF, EGF, IL16, IL6, IL21, BMP2, IL17, IL18…

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Product Superiority:

High – Purity & Activity & Quality

Stable – Consistency between Batches

cDNA Clones in Half Price

Types of cDNA Clone Products

cDNA Clone in Cloning Vector Expression-ready ORF Clone Lentiviral ORF Clone
Sequence Verification Full length sequence confirmed Full length sequence confirmed Full length sequence confirmed
Expression Validated No Yes Yes
Expression Host None Mammalian cell Mammalian cell
Vectors pMD18-T/pMD19-T/pGEM-T/pUC19 pCMV/pCMV3-Series pLV-Series
Tags None untagged、N-/C-Flag/HA/His/Myc/GFPSpark®/OFPSpark® untagged、N-/C-Flag/HA/His/Myc/GFPSpark®/OFPSpark®
Application PCR template; quantitative PCR template; study of gene function Protein overexpression; protein detection and purification; cell localization; stable strain construction Packaging lentivirus; protein overexpression; stable strain construction
Features Ultra low-cost Expression validated, quality assurance Transfection of dividing and non-dividing cells, primary cells, stem cells and other difficult-to-transfect cells

Why Sino Biological?

Gene Bank: 11,000+ molecules, 28,000+ cDNA clones in stock
Multiple Species: Human, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Rhesus, Cynomolgus, Canine, Ferret, Zebra Fish, Virus…
Tags: N-terminal or C-terminal Myc, HA, FLAG, His, GFPSpark® and OFPSpark®
Influenza Virus Gene Bank: 60 subtypes, 160 strains, including H7N9, H5N1 and other popular strains
Full Length Sequence Confirmed: ~100% sequence accuracy
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