Antibodies for Influenza Antigen Test

Immunodetection for pan influenza np antigens

Influenza viral nucleoprotein (NP) is a structural protein that plays a critical role in virus replication and host adaptation. Antibodies targeting NP proteins are commonly used for immunodetection of influenza viruses in various assays, including ELISA, lateral flow assay (LFA), and direct fluorescent antibody tests. These assays can be used in both research and clinical diagnostics. Due to the high frequency of antigenic drift or shift among different influenza strains, broad-spectrum influenza antibodies are particularly desired for flu diagnostics.

Sino Biological has identified six Pan antibody pairs against the NP protein of Influenza A and Influenza B, respectively. These matched pairs have been validated in the sandwich ELISA assay with high sensitivity (pg level). They also demonstrate broad reactivity against a large cohort of flu strains.

Antibody Pairs for Pan Influenza A NP Detection


Antibody Pairs Capture Ab Detection Ab
PanA-1 40205-MM16 40208-R014
PanA-2 40205-R063 40205-MM18
PanA-3 40208-R117 40205-MM18

Antibody Pairs for Pan Influenza B NP Detection


Antibody Pairs Capture Ab Detection Ab
PanB-1 40438-R004 40438-MM10
PanB-2 40438-R036 40438-MM10
PanB-3 40438-MM05 40438-R036

High Sensitivity (pg level)

Broad Spectrum and High Specificity

These antibody pairs can detect a broad spectrum of strains within the target subtype, without any cross-reactivity with the other subtypes.

24 kinds of influenza antigens from A or B have been tested by ELISA assay

The Aforementioned Antigens: 

B-1: 40783-V08B (B, B/Brisbane/60/2008) A-8: 40774-V08B (H1N1, A/Victoria/2570/2019 | A/Wisconsin/588/2019)
B-2: 40782-V08B (B, B/Colorado/06/2017) A-9: 40033-V08B (H2N2, A/Ann Arbor/6/1960)
B-3: 40438-V08B (B, B/Florida/4/2006) A-10: 40207-V08B (H3N2, A/Aichi/2/1968)
B-4: 40500-V08B (B, B/Phuket/3073/2013) A-11: 40778-V08B (H3N2, A/Cambodia/e0826360/2020 (H3N2)-like)
B-5: 40755-V08B (B, B/Washington/02/2019) A-12: 40208-V08B (H3N2, A/Hong Kong/1/1968)
A-1: 40204-V08B (H1N1, A/Brevig Mission/1/1918) A-13: 40753-V08B (H3N2, A/Hong Kong/2671/2019)
A-2: 40776-V08B (H1N1, A/Brisbane/02/2018) A-14: 40754-V08B (H3N2, A/Hong Kong/45/2019)
A-3: 40205-V08B (H1N1, A/California/07/2009) A-15: 40781-V08B (H3N2, A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 )
A-4: 40723-V08B (H1N1, A/Guangdong-Maonan/SWL1536/2019) A-16: 40779-V08B (H3N2, A/Kansas/14/2017)
A-5: 40724-V08B (H1N1, A/Hawaii/70/2019) A-17: 40499-V08B (H3N2, A/Switzerland/9715293/2013)
A-6: 40777-V08B (H1N1, A/Michigan/45/2015) A-18: 40110-V08B (H7N9, A/Anhui/1-BALF_RG6/2013)
A-7: 11675-V08B
(H1N1, A/Puerto Rico/8/34/Mount Sinai)
A-19: 40111-V08B (H7N9, A/Shanghai/2/2013)

High Binding Affinity

The binding affinity between immobilized Influenza B NP protein (Cat#: 40500-V08B) with the anti-NP antibody (Cat#: 40438-R036) in BLI assay.

The binding affinity between immobilized Influenza A NP protein (Cat#: 40774-V08B) with the anti-NP antibody (Cat#: 40205-R063) in BLI assay.

Antibody Cocktail Can Successfully Detect both A and B Type Flu

The combination of A and B antibody pairs can allow detection of both subtypes.

High Production Quality

Our products and processes are ISO13485 certified. The purity of these antibodies is >95% as assessed by SEC-HPLC.

Other Pan Influenza NP Antibodies

16 Pan Influenza A or B Nucleoprotein antibodies have been developed and validated by ELISA and WB assays.

Pan Influenza A NP Antibodies

Pan Influenza B NP Antibodies

Western Blot Analysis of Hemagglutinin Antibodies to 24 Influenza Antigens

Lane 1: 40204-V08B | H1N1 (A/Brevig Mission/1/1918)
Lane 2: 40776-V08B | H1N1 (A/Brisbane/02/2018)*
Lane 3: 40205-V08B | H1N1 (A/California/07/2009)
Lane 4: 40723-V08B | H1N1 (A/Guangdong-Maonan/SWL1536/2019)*
Lane 5: 40724-V08B | H1N1 (A/Hawaii/70/2019)*
Lane 6: 40777-V08B | H1N1 (A/Michigan/45/2015)*
Lane 7: 11675-V08B | H1N1 (A/Puerto Rico/8/34/Mount Sinai)
Lane 8: 40774-V08B | H1N1 (A/Victoria/2570/2019A/Wisconsin/588/2019)
Lane 9: 40033-V08B | H2N2 (A/Ann Arbor/6/1960)
Lane 10: 40207-V08B | H3N2 (A/Aichi/2/1968)
Lane 11: 40778-V08B | H3N2 (A/Cambodia/e0826360/2020 (H3N2)-like)
Lane 12: 40208-V08B | H3N2 (A/Hong Kong/1/1968)
Lane 13: 40753-V08B | H3N2 (A/Hong Kong/2671/2019)*
Lane 14: 40754-V08B | H3N2 (A/Hong Kong/45/2019)*
Lane 15: 40781-V08B | H3N2 (A/Hong Kong/4801/2014)*
Lane 16: 40779-V08B | H3N2 (A/Kansas/14/2017)*
Lane 17: 40499-V08B | H3N2 (A/Switzerland/9715293/2013)*
Lane 18: 40110-V08B | H7N9 (A/Anhui/1-BALF_RG6/2013)
Lane 19: 40111-V08B | H7N9 (A/Shanghai/2/2013)
Lane 20: 40783-V08B | Influenza B (B/Brisbane/60/2008)*
Lane 21: 40782-V08B | Influenza B (B/Colorado/06/2017)*
Lane 22: 40438-V08B | Influenza B (B/Florida/4/2006)
Lane 23: 40500-V08B | Influenza B (B/Phuket/3073/2013)*
Lane 24: 40755-V08B | Influenza B (B/Washington/02/2019)*

*: Antigen from 2015-2022 Influenza Vaccine Strain


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