High-quality, cryopreserved cells direct from our inventory and customizable cell isolations specific to your projects

CellsExpress™ Custom Isolated Cells allows you to maximize the output of isolated cells from our high-quality Leukopaks without having to do the work yourself! Spend less time isolating cells via lengthy density gradient processing and avoid purchasing expensive magnetic bead separation kits – our new service has you covered. Need matching cell types from the same donor? No problem. Need multiple vial sizes to assist with replicates for your experiments? We have those. As a technician would you rather be analyzing your data and planning your next experiment after a long day of processing a 15B total nucleated cell Leukopak? Or spending your valuable time on the tedious process of freezing down cells? We hear you. At last, you can leave the cell isolation to our experts and spend more time on your research.

  • Primary cells isolated from 1 x 10e10 TNC/Full LP

  • Custom vial sizes for special projects

  • Multiple cell isolations from one Leukopak

  • HBV, HCV, and HIV Negative

  • ≥ 80% Post Thaw viability / ≥ 85% purity

  • Multiple cell types from same donor

For CellsExpress™ Custom Isolated Cells we process up to 10 billion TNCs (the guaranteed cell count for our standard Leukopaks) to the cell type of your interest. Pricing includes up to two different cell concentrations or vial sizes. For an additional fee you can request multiple cell types to be isolated from the same Leukopak. All cryopreserved products include our standard overfill to ensure the cell count per vial and viability meets with our certificate of analysis reporting. All cell isolation reports are reviewed by Quality Assurance.

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We understand the importance of having the quality cells you need, when you need them, from human donors whose attributes are relevant for your research. In addition to providing high quality starting materials like fresh and frozen Leukopaks, mobilized Leukopaks, bone marrow, and cord blood for researchers to use in their downstream applications; StemExpress also maintains an extensive inventory of cryopreserved immune and stem cells. We isolate our cells from fresh starting material immediately after collection to maximize viability and use only the highest quality reagents for our processing and cryopreservation process. Our staff scientists follow qualified processes to ensure viability, purity, and replicable results in your downstream applications.

  • Custom vial sizes for special projects

  • Custom cell concentrations

  • HBV, HCV, and HIV Negative

  • Fresh or frozen

  • ≥ 80% post thaw viability / ≥ 85% purity

  • Standard overfill to ensure cell counts

We can select cell lots for a specific HLA or blood type or with additional infectious disease testing information to ensure you can screen multiple donors to find the perfect one for your assay. Donor age, race, gender, blood type and lifestyle attributes (like nonsmoker) or medical history (like vaccination status) are all data points you can choose from when selecting the best cryopreserved cell lot for your needs. Our isolated human immune and stem cell products can be used for basic research, early-stage R&D and process development or for selecting the best donor for your future clinical project. We offer a variety of high-quality, cryopreserved cells direct from our inventory or we can customize specific cell isolations for your projects.


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