SynVivo for CytoViva

A new capability for real-time visualization of cell-nanoparticle interactions


SynVivo is announcing the availability of a new assay chip designed specifically to provide a long term cell culturing environment compatible with advanced microscopy systems from CytoViva.


CytoViva’s technology combines patented, enhanced darkfield optical microscopy with high resolution hyperspectral imaging. These integrated technologies enable label free optical observation and spectral characterization of nano-materials as they interact with the cells.


The SynVivo for CytoViva solution provides an environmental chamber that can be used for long term culturing and can be taken straight from the incubator to the scope whenever imaging is required.


This image shows live cells where both the fluorescently stained DAPI nucleus, as well as unlabeled 80nm Au particles and unstained cell structure can be seen simultaneously and in real time. This is capable using CytoViva’s patented Dual Mode Flourescent Module

This is an easy, efficient system that allows allows culturing of cells for long durations and the ability to real-time monitor live cell-nanoparticle interactions. These new capabilities will help accelerate nanoparticle research for biological systems by providing rich information in a realistic and live cell environment.


“As research intensifies in the area of cell-nanoparticle interactions it is important that we are able to provide a robust and cost effective way for our customers to culture and maintain cell populations for long durations (days-weeks) in a platform that is directly compatible with our scope systems.  SynVivo engineered such a solution and we are proud to offer it to our customers.” – Sam Lawrence, CytoViva CEO.



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