Recombinant Prokaryotic Lectins

More than 50% of proteins are glycosylated and glycans are known to mediate a wide range of biological processes, often through interactions with specific carbohydrate binding proteins called lectins. Changes in the glycosylation patterns of biomolecules and cells are now known to be associated with many diseases and this presents opportunities for the development of novel diagnostic approaches. Consequently there has been an explosion of interest in the field of glycobiology and a demand for effective tools enabling sensitive detection, isolation and analysis of glycosylated biomolecules. In addition, many biopharmaceuticals are glycosylated molecules and inappropriate glycosylation can significantly impact their clinical efficacy and immunogenicity. Glycoselective tools enabling simple, rapid and sensitive analysis of biotherapeutics would increase the efficiency of both biotherapeutic development and manufacturing thereby reducing the costs. Scalable technologies enabling the selective purification of optimally glycosylated products would help producers meet regulatory requirements and help deliver safer, more effective products to patients.These RPLs present new opportunities to develop enhanced glycoselective tools for glycoprotein analysis and scalable selective purification overcoming the limitations that restricted the utility of plant lectins.

Cat # Product Name
544484 RPL-Fuc1
544485 RPL-Fuc2
544486 RPL-Gal1
544487 RPL-Gal2
544488 RPL-Gal3
544489 RPL-Gal4
544490 RPL-Man2
544491 RPL-Sia1
544492 RPL-Sia2
544493 RPL-Sia3
544494 RPL-╬▒Gal, Recombinant, PA-IL (Pseudomonas aeruginosa), Hexa-His-Tag
544495 RPL-aMan


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