How to select the freezing solution

Cell cryopreservation is a common method for cell preservation and long-term preservation in cell culture technology. Cell cryopreservation solution, as a solution that must be used for cell cryopreservation, is not only used for cell preservation, but also plays a key role in the process of cell purchase, gift, exchange and transportation. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a good cell cryopreservation solution.

Problems of existing freezing methods:

  1. Although DMSO has a protective effect on frozen cells, it has certain toxicity to cells, and its dosage is limited. It is the best choice to reduce or not use DMSO and look for other alternatives. Therefore, combining other ingredients to form a new formula and reduce the content of DMSO has become the best choice at present.
  2. Serum, even purified albumin, due to its animal origin, will greatly increase the possibility of bringing virus and other infectious substances. Moreover, the source of serum is limited and its price is expensive, so its use will inevitably be subject to more and more restrictions. The addition of serum will affect the difference of different batches of culture medium.

Based on the above difficulties, how to select a suitable cryopreservation solution?

The selection of cell cryopreservation solution must follow several principles: ① the damage of cells in the process of cryopreservation and dissolution is minimized, and the cell survival rate is high; ② After rewarming, the biological characteristics of cryopreserved cells were not significantly affected; ③ After cell rewarming, the cryoprotectant is easy to remove, with clear components, and has no side effects on cells and human body; ④ The cryoprotectant can take effect quickly and reduce the operation steps.

SuperKine™ Serum/Protein-Free Cell Freezing Medium is a simple and non programmed cryopreservation solution. The formula has clear ingredients, no serum or protein, which can eliminate the potential risk of virus or mycoplasma contamination in serum or protein, and is safer to use. After verification of 34 kinds of commonly used cells, the survival rate of cell resuscitation is high.

Product advantages

  • ü Time and labor saving – directly frozen in the – 80 ℃ refrigerator, no programmed cooling
  • ü High safety – no serum, no protein. Avoid virus and mycoplasma contamination
  • ü High quality – high survival rate, no batch difference
  • ü Widely used – verified by 34 commonly used cells, applicable to most cells
Name No. Size
Annexin V-AbFluor™ 488/PI Apoptosis Detection kit KTA0002 20T/50T/100T
Live and Dead Cell Double Staining Kit KTA1001 100T/500T/2000T
SuperKine™ Maximum Sensitivity Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) BMU106-EN 200T/1000T/10000T
SuperKine™ Serum/Protein-Free Cell Freezing Medium BMU108-EN 100ml


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