Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant proteins are those that have been created by cloning recombinant DNA into an expression vector that allows the gene to be expressed and messenger RNA to be translated. Recombinant protein is crucial for understanding biological processes such the actions of cytokines and growth factors, enzymes and kinases, and the complement system. Recombinant proteins are also recognised as highly effective medications that are free from side effects that are off-target and require less time to create than tiny compounds. Recombinant proteins contributed to significant advances in biomedical biotechnology, particularly in the study of human therapeutics. The majority of recombinant proteins used for medicinal purposes come from humans but are produced in cultured bacteria, yeast, or animal cells. In addition, big introns are frequently seen in human DNA. As a result, the process of turning mRNA into cDNA is frequently used to create a gene without introns.

A broad variety of recombinant proteins, including ACE2, L1R, PD-L1, CD80, A29L, and SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19, are available from Abeomics, assisting scientists and researchers in their work.

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