New A.I. Panel Builder Streamlines Panel Design

Bioss offers automated panel builder from EasyPanel to support flow cytometry users

Introducing our newly-added A.I. Panel Builder from EasyPanel, which is engineered to simplify flow cytometry panel design and deliver an optimized panel in seconds.

When designing a multicolor flow cytometry panel, there are several factors to consider as seen here. It is critical to select the right fluorochromes for your assays—the A.I. Panel Builder makes it easy! With its proprietary algorithm, the A.I. panel builder considers your cytometer, antigen expression levels and coexpression profiles, product availability and spillover spread matrix for the best results. Moreover, it offers the flexibility of manual panel editing, too.

It’s time-saving and easy to use, making it a useful tool for both new and experienced flow cytometry users. By simply creating an account and selecting your desired markers and requirements, you can effortlessly generate your personalized panel to save and share with the lab. Best of all, the A.I. Panel Builder is free for you to use through the Bioss website.


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