CUTANA™ CUT&Tag Assays

Ultra low input chromatin mapping assays

CUTANA™ CUT&Tag assays build on recent advancements in immunotethering technology to deliver an innovative workflow to profile histone PTMs using < 5,000 cells.

CUT&Tag is an emerging technology with protocols in active development, including single cell workflows. This approach is ideal when profiling histone PTMs using < 5,000 nuclei or cells. For most experiments, EpiCypher strongly recommends using our robust CUTANA™ CUT&RUN assays, which is compatible with 5,000 to 500,000 cells and has been optimized for a wide range of targets, sample inputs, fixation conditions.

* CUT&Tag is not recommended for chromatin associated proteins – Use CUTANA CUT&RUN assays instead.

CUTANA™ CUT&Tag provides impressive gains in histone PTM mapping compared to ChIP-seq, the leading chromatin mapping assay.

How does CUT&Tag work?

Cleavage Under Targets and Tagmentation (CUT&Tag) is a novel immunotethering assay, based on Cleavage Under Targets and Release Using Nuclease (CUT&RUN) methods.

In CUT&Tag, a fusion of protein A, protein G, and Tn5 transposase is used to catalyze simultaneous cleavage and sequencing adapter ligation at antibody-bound chromatin. The use of Tn5 in CUT&Tag is a key advance, as this step eliminates the need for chromatin fragmentation as well as library preparation.

CUT&Tag assays display significantly improved signal-to-noise (S/N) vs. ChIP-seq assays, particularly for mapping histone PTMs in ultra-low sample inputs.

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Quality PTM mapping with low input and sequencing depth requirements

CUTANA™ CUT&Tag generates similar results at a fraction of the cell input and sequencing depth used in ChIP-seq. A representative 300 kb region at the LAMC3 gene is shown for CUT&Tag (orange), CUT&RUN (green) and ChIP-seq (blue) data generated using H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 antibodies (EpiCypher 13-0041 and 13-0030, respectively). Rabbit IgG Negative Control Antibody (EpiCypher 13-0042) and ChIP Input control are shown for comparison (control tracks are scaled to the track with the highest signal in each approach).

Go from cells to sequencing-ready DNA in < 2 days

Get started with CUTANA™ CUT&Tag assays


CUTANA™ pAG-Tn5 for CUT&Tag

Plan your next CUT&Tag experiment! pAG-Tn5 is the essential enzyme for CUT&Tag assays. Available in 50 or 250 reaction sizes.


CUTANA™ Control Antibodies

Our SNAP-ChIP™ certified, CUTANA-compatible antibodies display high specificity and enrichment in ChIP-seq and CUT&RUN.

The CUTANA™ CUT&Tag Protocol : Ideal Applications

In addition to pAG-Tn5, EpiCypher offers many supporting products to help you get started with CUT&Tag assays, such as antibodies, experimental controls, magnetic beads, and more!

As noted above, CUT&Tag is a new technology, and internal protocols are being updated regularly. Our latest version is validated for CUT&Tag assays mapping histone PTMs from as few as 1,000 nuclei/cells.

Of note, when mapping PTMs using >5,000 cells, or for profiling chromatin-associated proteins (at any input), we strongly recommend researchers use CUTANA™ CUT&RUN assays.

The CUT&Tag protocol also contains a thorough FAQ section, in which we address the most common questions about the CUT&Tag assay. For more information on our protocol and how to set up your own assay, read our blog and our CUTANA CUT&Tag brochure.


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