We have biological products and research materials to assist with early phase next gen COVID vaccine research

This autumn, as clinical trials get underway to evaluate the effectiveness of the most recent COVID vaccinations in the US, many scientists will continue to engage in crucial early phase preclinical research of the virus to inform development of vaccines for the next generation and beyond. As detailed in this article in Drug Discovery World, one of those trials is part of Project NextGen, which coordinates across the US government and the private sector to advance innovative vaccines and therapeutics into clinical trials, regulatory review, and potential commercial availability. Project NextGen scientists, and those conducting parallel preclinical research will need a range of biological products and research materials for the project for vaccine development, testing, and monitoring.

Innovative Research is a trusted supplier of both the US government and the private sector. Here are some of the key products that will be required, and that have recently been popular with our customers.


The vaccine’s active ingredient is typically a viral antigen. For COVID-19, this could be a modified spike protein or other viral components that trigger an immune response.

Nasal Fluid:

Throughout the COVID pandemic to today, Innovative Research has continued to be a trusted supplier of human nasal fluid for research purposes.

Cell Culture and Growth Media:

For vaccine research, scientists may use cell lines and growth media to culture and propagate the virus or antigen Innovative Research offers a variety of cell culture and growth media, as well as supplements for your early phase screening efforts prior to manufacturing scale up.

Serum Samples:

Blood samples from both vaccine and placebo recipients are collected and analyzed to assess the immune response, including the production of antibodies.

Supportive Immunoassays:

Qualitative determination of SARS-CoV-2 specific antibodies via research grade immunoassay is simple with our ELISA tests for antibody levels.

Biological Specimens:

Samples such as nasal swabs, throat swabs, and sputum may be collected from donors.


Choose from a diverse catalog of research proteins, including enzymes, antibodies, structural proteins, transport proteins, hormones, and more. Our extensive range ensures you’ll find the right protein for your specific research needs.

Elevate your research to the next level with our premium Nasal Fluid for research purposes. Our nasal fluid is the ideal choice for scientists and researchers seeking to explore a wide range of applications.

Our cell culture systems provide the ideal environment for your cells to thrive, ensuring consistent and reproducible results every time.

Biological Specimens

With the highest levels of purity and consistency, our biological specimens provide the reliability you need to drive your COVID-19 research forward.


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