Innovative Research manufactures and supplies researchers with over 25,000 high-quality human and animal biologics including blood products, tissues, proteins, polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, ELISA kits, viral transport media and more.
Through the acquisition of Molecular Innovations, Inc, in October 2021, Innovative Research is able to leverage Molecular Innovation's decades of experience in manufacturing research biologicals to further improve the quality and production processes of their products.
As a result of the acquisition of Molecular Innovations, some of our products have updated names or prices. If you have any trouble finding a specific product please don't hesitate to contact us at

Product Categories


Molecular Biology

Name Cat Number
TaqCurate Blended High Fidelity DNA Polymerase BTAQ-MIN
PyFi High Fidelity DNA Polymerase PYFI-MIN
NameCat Number
TaqCelerate qPCR Master MixCat #: QMIX
TaqRobat Native Taq 2X Master MixCat #: NTAQMIX
TaqRobat Native Taq MantisGreen 2X Master MixCat #: NTAQGREEN
TaqTivate Hot Start Taq MantisGreen Master MixCat #: HTAQGREEN
TaqTivate Hot Start Taq Master MixCat #: HTAQMIX
TicTaqGo Detergent Free Multiplex Master MixCat #: MMIX
NameCat Number
dNTP Deoxynucleotide Solution MixCat #: DNTP
High Range DNA LadderCat #: LADDER-H
Low Range DNA LadderCat #: LADDER-L
MantisGreen 6X Loading DyeCat #: 6XDYE
Mid Range DNA LadderCat #: LADDER-M
NameCat Number
RealCount One Step RT-qPCR Kit with UNGCat #: RTQPCR
Reality Reverse Transcriptase cDNA Synthesis KitCat #: CDNA
Name Cat Number
BL21(DE3) Competent Cells Cat #: BL21
DH5-alpha Competent Cells Cat #: DH5A
HB101 Competent Cells Cat #: HB101

Purified Proteins

Plasmas and Tissues

Product NameCatalogue Number
Human plasma, sodium citrateCat #: HPLA-SC
Product NameCatalogue Number
Cyno Monkey IgG Depleted SerumCat #: CY-SER-GF
Fibronectin Depleted Human Plasma, Na CitrateCat #: HPLA-SC-FBN
Human C1 Inhibitor Depleted PlasmaCat #: HPLA-SC-C1INH
Human IgG Depleted SerumCat #: HPLA-SER-GF
Human PAI-1 depleted plasma, sodium citrateCat #: HPLA-SC-PAI
Human PAI-1/tPA double depleted plasmaCat #: HPLA-SC-PAI-tPA
Human Renin/Prorenin double Depleted PlasmaCat #: HPLA-SC-PREN
Human tPA depleted plasma, sodium citrateCat #: HPLA-SC-tPA
Mouse C1 Inhibitor genetically deficient plasma, sodium citrateCat #: MC1INH-KO-SC
Mouse Factor IX genetically deficient plasma, sodium citrateCat #: MFIX-KO-SC
Mouse Factor XI genetically deficient plasma, sodium citrateCat #: MFXI-KO-SC
Mouse IgG Depleted SerumCat #: MPLA-SER-GF
Mouse Kininogen genetically deficient plasma, sodium citrateCat #: MKNG-KO-SC
Mouse PAI-1 depleted plasma, sodium citrateCat #: MPLA-SC-PAI
Mouse Prekallikrein genetically deficient plasma, sodium citrateCat #: MPK-KO-SC
Mouse tPA genetically deficient plasma, sodium citrateCat #: MTPA-KO-SC
Plasminogen Depleted Chicken SerumCat #: CKPLA-SER-PG
Plasminogen Depleted Human Plasma, Na CitrateCat #: HPLA-SC-PG
Plasminogen Depleted Mouse SerumCat #: MPLA-SER-PG
Rabbit PAI-1 depleted plasma, sodium citrateCat #: RbPLA-SC-PAI
Rat IgG Depleted SerumCat #: RPLA-SER-GF
Rat PAI-1 depleted plasma, sodium citrateCat #: RPLA-SC-PAI
Rat PAI-1 latent plasma, sodium citrateCat #: RPLA-SC-L
Rat plasma, sodium citrateCat #: RPLA-SC
Rat Renin Prorenin Double Depleted PlasmaCat #: RPLA-SC-PREN
Rat Renin Substrate Plasma, Female, Sodium EDTACat #: RPLA-EDTA-ANG-F
Rat Renin Substrate Plasma, Male, Sodium EDTACat #: RPLA-EDTA-ANG-M
Product NameCatalogue Number
Mouse Cerebellum Tissue LysateCat #: MS-TL-CB
Mouse Cerebral Cortex Tissue LysateCat #: MS-TL-CC
Mouse Kidney Tissue LysateCat #: MS-TL-KD
Rabbit plasma, barium chloride precipitateCat #: RBPLA-BACL2
Rat Brain Lyophilized PowderCat #: RT-LP-BR
Rat Brain Tissue LysateCat #: RT-TL-BR
Rat Heart Tissue LysateCat #: RT-TL-HT
Rat Kidney Lyophilized PowderCat #: RT-LP-KD
Rat Kidney Tissue LysateCat #: RT-TL-KD
Rat Liver Lyophilized PowderCat #: RT-LP-LR
Rat Liver Tissue LysateCat #: RT-TL-LR
Rat Lung Tissue LysateCat #: RT-TL-LG

Chromatography Resins

Product NameCatalogue Number
Immobilized affinity purified sheep anti human prorenin/reninCat #: SASHREN-GF-HT-I
Immobilized affinity purified sheep anti rat & mouse prorenin/reninCat #: SASRREN-GF-HT-I
Immobilized monoclonal antibody to human prekallikrein and kallikreinCat #: PK10G3-I
Product NameCatalogue Number
Immobilized AnhydrotrypsinCat #: ANHT-I
Immobilized bovine aprotininCat #: BAP-I
Immobilized bovine chymotrypsinCat #: BCT-I
Immobilized bovine thrombinCat #: BTHROM-I
Immobilized bovine trypsinCat #: BTRYP-I
Immobilized corn trypsin inhibitorCat #: CTI-I
Immobilized human antithrombinCat #: HATIII-I
Immobilized human plasminCat #: HPL-I
Immobilized human tissue plasminogen activator, single chainCat #: HTPA-I
Immobilized human urokinaseCat #: HUPA-I
Immobilized porcine pancreatic elastaseCat #: ELAS-I
Immobilized porcine pepsinCat #: PPN-I
Immobilized soybean trypsin inhibitorCat #: SBTI-I

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