Stop Protein Loss caused by RIPA

You may not be the only one being confused by inconsistent outcomes in protein comparative studies. Scientists have been struggling with the non-systematic protein loss in samples prepared using RIPA buffer and other solution-based protocols. The newly developed Minute™ brand protein extraction kits in spin-column-based format provide a reliable way to isolate total protein in as little as 1 minute without altered endogenous baseline. Minute™ Kits is en route to replacing all solution-based sample preparation procedures to become the laboratory standard, providing researchers with consistent results and superior data quality using little more than a bench top centrifuge.

Discover the Spin Column advantages!

Fast Protein Extraction
– En Route to Replacing RIPA

  • Super-Fast (as quick as 1 minute)
  • All Living Organisms and Tissues/Cells
  • Small Sample Size
  • High Yield
  • Complete Protein Profile
  • Unaltered Endogenous Baseline
  • Avoid Protein Loss Caused by RIPA

Cell Fractionation
– Using only a Tabletop Centrifuge

  • Plasma Membrane (Animal and Plant)
  • Nuclear/Cytoplasmic
  • Intact Nuclei
  • Mitochondria
  • Endoplasmic Reticulum
  • Golgi (trans/cis and separated trans vesicles)
  • Endosome
  • Lysosome
  • Exosome
  • Lipid Raft (Total and PM-derived)
  • Proteasome (Cyto & Nucl)
  • Plant Chloroplast
  • Plant Microsomal Membrane
  • Plant Cell Fractionation


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